Don't quit your day dream

Red Rocks: The Challengers

April 20, 2017-

It was an early morning hike up the rocky hills and red rocks. All around you are magnificent landscapes of nature. It was a great experience to just immerse yourself in that headspace, just you and mother nature. 

There were some parts where I thought I couldn’t do it, that I can’t climb up that huge rock, but with the help and encouragement of everybody, we went higher and higher to the top of the red rocks. 

“Your body is stronger than you think.”

This day long excursion has made me reflect on the beauty of nature and life, my life, and how far I’ve come since I migrated my life to California back in 2009. To realize that I’ve become stronger thanks to the hardships and obstacles I’ve gone through in the past years. To realized I’ve made it in life, that I am blessed and content. To realize, that finally, I’m not alone, that there are people who love and care for me. Gone were the days when I’d cry because I just felt so lonely in this world.

But most of all, to realize that loving myself is the best decision I have ever made.