Don't quit your day dream

Mt. Baldy

January 29, 2017-

It all started when I was driving home, and since I was heading North I noticed the stark contrast of colors of the mountains. It was rich brown against mocha or what I’d like to call cocoa powder, with a generous sprinkle of snow white. Even the golden sunset painted the mountains like a soft caress.

As soon as arrived home, I ran upstairs to grab my camera and took some pictures. It was a beautiful view and I could not take my eyes off it. I was lucky to be able to witness such a view, and anyone else who bothered to look up and appreciate the scene. Even with the pictures, they could still do no justice to how magnificent the landscape was in real life. 

I was stuck in that moment, waiting, and watching as the sun set, and the colors faded. Knowing I’ll never experience that kind of awe again, or not for a while since the snow was melting, and tomorrow it will never be the same. 

This is one of the reasons why I love photography

This was the view from farther away. I got too excited to care whether I included the roofs of not. As long as I was snapping pictures and capturing the moment, I was happy. 

Below is a picture of when it was almost over. You can see the big difference of how the colors transitioned to dark greens and the contrast made the snow white pop out more. 

What was left was cool colors as I felt the chill start to set in without the sun. 

If you’re wondering, I took this on our driveway. Mt. Baldy feels like our backyard these days.