Don't quit your day dream

May Mommy

April 20, 2017- 

My mom was born on May 19, 1965 in a little city called Baybay, Leyte, Philippines. Yet here she is now in the USA, with her family, living in her own house, working as an RN 3 days a week, and traveling around the world with her friends. My mom really worked hard to make it where she is now. She has become an inspiration to me and my sisters. To always dream big, never let anyone put you down, and always be kind. I know I owe my life to my mom, that where and who I am today has everything to do with her continuous support and unconditional love.

I will always cherish our happy memories and remember our silly talks forever in my heart. You are the best mom! Happy 52nd Birthday Mama!

One thing I learned throughout the years is that ‘Family Comes First’. I remember that to this day.