Don't quit your day dream

Alice In Wonderland

April 19, 2017-

When you’re in Las Vegas, there’s a certain atmosphere in the air. It’s a lot of hype, to win, to party, to have fun, and to look good. We’ve been to Vegas more than I can count on my two hands. We come here to party, drink, and dance, we also come here with my family for New Year’s Eve to see the fireworks. We go to Vegas to visit close friends and also to bring close friends to Vegas. It’s become a very familiar place to us. Anyway, back to this certain weekend, it was a mixture of both. We visited a close friend and brought one over.

That night, she would become Alice In Wonderland

Alice. Shey, light hair. ↑


That Friday night we all had our roles and characters in the fairytale. As we walked around from one casino to another and took pictures of the beautiful architecture and design, it had become a magical night we didn’t want to end. 

We all looked good and felt good about ourselves. We talked for hours and watched different people pass by. People from all over the world of different colors, there were tourists, and there were the young ones, wasted and sweaty walking back to their hotel rooms. 


Las Vegas, Sin City. 

A city known for its catering to unhealthy lifestyles. Yet, it is also a city known for its luxurious beauty and strings of shimmering lights bathing the night sky. Exterior and interior designs of each building are unique to its’ own. Everywhere you look is a picture worth taking if only to appreciate later just how wonderful Las Vegas is.  




Throughout the night my look changed a couple of times depending on the place and how I felt. 

As long as I had my yellow scarf I felt like I could be anybody and really felt comfortable with myself. My on-off shoulder blue sheer  floral dress was very fitting, it looked elegant and feminine. 

It was a very memorable night that would continue on to morning where our next adventure awaits.