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Six Flags A-dventure

April 29, 2017-

Last year we got 2017 season passes to Six Flags Magic Mountain and finally we’re back. There were just four of us, perfect number for the rides, my brother and sister, Kuya Egan and Ate Sheena, and our cousin, Kuya Jandolph. 

It all started on the week before, we only told Kuya Jan that we’re going to San Francisco and that he better bring pants, shoes, and a jacket because it’s going to be cold. Also that we’re going there to help my little sister, Rizza, move to her new apartment. Kuya Jan even got a haircut that Friday after we picked him up at Target in Azusa (new haircut, new life). His girlfriend approved too! He thought we were joking but we played it off right and he believed us until we turned right to exit for Six Flags. 

We left the house early so we were able to get food at Wendy’s for breakfast. We didn’t want to buy too much inside because the prices are expensive. We parked and stood in life for maybe about 20 minutes. It was worth it though because we were first in line for many of the rides. 

That day had the perfect weather to go to Six Flags, there was a light breeze and it was warm and sunny. Though the wind did cause problems and some of the rides had to be stopped. 

Like for the ride Batman, we were already seated on the roller coaster but they had us go back in line because something was wrong and we waited there for about an hour and decided to just find another ride. By that time, it was already 1 or 2 pm and so we just got lunch. 

At that point we’ve only been to half of the theme park on the right side. It was getting hot and we decided to just head home and relax on the patio. We’ll just set up another day to come back, we have the year-round passes anyway. We bought some taho for dessert but I’ll talk about that place on a different post!


Definitely one of the best days of my life. It was all about having fun with my family, waiting in line and talking about everything and anything. Then riding the roller coasters and laughing so much because Kuya Jan couldn’t handle it and he was nervous every time but he rode anyway. Kuya Egan was just chilling and enjoying himself, me and Ate Sheena’s outfits were on point, everything was just great and better than I thought it would be.

I look forward to making more memories like these!