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Wildflowers and Poppies!


My mom told us about this place by the I15 freeway that is full of poppies that she saw on Facebook from one of her friends. I looked it up and apparently this phenomenon hasn’t happened in 10 years. But thanks to the constant rain early this year, the wildflowers were able to bloom and it went on for miles on the hills.

DSC01467It was a long hike uphill and I really wasn’t expecting that since she said it was just by the freeway (We teased my mom quite a bit, saying she tricked us into coming here!). Good thing we all wore shoes and had hats and bottles of water ready.

DSC01480If you look closely in this picture you can see the long line of cars parked by the trees and behind that is the freeway. It wasn’t just us, there were a lot of people hiking, walking their dogs, and taking pictures, just enjoying the beautiful scenery. Just look at that view form halfway up!

DSC01587We got awesome pictures of everybody! It was just so much fun walking, talking, and laughing. We didn’t care if we were too loud or rowdy as long as we were enjoying ourselves. Everybody there seemed to be in a good mood too. The wildflowers and poppies made it magical.


One of my favorite stops during this adventure was when we climbed down to the rocks by the edge of the hill (if you looked down from our spot, it’s really steep!). I’m really impressed by my mom, she’s usually easily scared but as long as its for the pictures she’s game to do anything!


Then we reached the side of the hill just full of wildflowers. It was like a maze!

DSC01654DSC01659After getting some quality pictures here, we started heading back downhill. We spent probably two hours hiking and we were famished and thirsty by the end. We went home to clean up and decided to eat Korean bbq for dinner, our favorite!


Just a couple more pictures from our adventure up on this poppy hill!IMG_0171DSC01661

Until next time! (That’s me on the last picture btw.)