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Think Clean Thoughts.

There’s something about this decorative signboard that struck me right away as soon as I saw it. What does it mean? How do you try to think of clean thoughts in a society like ours full of cruelty and destruction, perverted and dark-humored? How do you redirect your thoughts into clean thoughts? And what are considered clean thoughts? Hmmm… So many questions popped up inside my head as I took a picture of this and continued to browse the Home Goods section.

Let’s take a look around more…

This section of colorful pillows really caught my eye. The transition of colors from red to blues to yellows and then all the way to the whites and blacks. It was just like a rainbow arranged and plastered into a wall of pillows. I took so many pictures just to get the right angle that my mom and sister left me behind because I took so long. 


Found these two at the other aisles. A porcelain T-shape decor, it reminds me of old Chinese porcelain tea cups and plates. The bird in a cage behind it gave it some symbolism for me. That the ‘T’ is free and outside the cages. The leaves and branches blooming and alive. Next, is a glass cross? I had the urge to buy this because it was very sparkly but decided I had nowhere to put it where Cheeky wouldn’t knock it over, so I took a picture instead. Isn’t it pretty?


I like that; BeYouTiful! and K because I’m a Karla.


Interesting pieces here as well. A small plant beside a tin can of  colorful birds on branches. A golden globe, looking over on Los Angeles, CA, just a 40 minute drive away from me. I’m looking at me! 


We’ve been into buying jars lately. Why? I think my older sister can give you a better answer. Anyway these were really cute! Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver covers for the  jars, I took a picture and sent it to her. She later on replied and told me to buy it, too bad by that time I already left the store. Oops.


Maneki Neko

  • Right paw up – Beckoning good fortune, prosperity, good health, and wealth.
  • Gold color – Wealth

I found this little guy at the thrift store, I thought that’s pretty sad and unfortunate. Like weren’t these supposed to be treasured because it brought good luck? And so I thought why not give it a new home, my home. As I was carrying it around, and thinking it’s a waste of money, I saw this sign.

“Good things happen to those who go for it!”

What a coincidence, right? Regardless, that was enough to convince to go through with the purchase. Now he’s sitting on the second floor windowsill in my mom’s room facing the endless skies and trees. I’d like to think he’s happier now and satisfied. 

Regarding clean thoughts, I think this journey in between aisles has taught me how to focus on the simple things and appreciate them for what they are and what they might mean. An introspection into my thoughts and emotional processes, what certain things represent to me and who they remind me of.

It’s a very interesting yet natural observation of ourselves.

What do you think? Is it clean?