Don't quit your day dream

Day Off Cravings


I had just arrived home from work and the first thing Ate Sheena asks me is “What do you wanna eat?” My first response was Korean Bbq, but of course I was shut down, it was too early and too much for breakfast. Hey, you asked me.

Anyway it took us a long time to decide, I finished showering, did my daily routine, etc. and by the end of it all we still weren’t sure where we were gonna go or what restaurants were open since it’s Easter Sunday.

She suggested IHOP and I called them to double check and thankfully they were open until 7 pm. Anyway we got there and the place was probably half full. People kept going in and out and we even saw an old couple on a date. So sweet!

I was torn between the blueberry cheesecake and sweet peach praline pancakes. Both of them looked so good in the pictures on the menu! I asked our server and she said the blueberry cheesecake was better so I got the latter.

My sister got the usual, top sirloin steak omelette with cheese and vegetables, though she put the tomatoes on the side since she’s allergic to that. I also got some chicken strips and fries. It’s perfect with the pancakes!

We ate so much we knew we had to walk it out. We ended up going to Forever 21 and spent two hours there browsing the store. We ended up finding some really nice pieces, dresses, sweaters and blouses.

Shopping is like our bonding activity between my mom and my sisters. And since I’ve been working this weekend, I guess we kinda missed each other. Therefore, we had to recharge our sisterhood bond. Hopefully next time my mom can come along.


We actually came here last week and it was our first time too. We kept hearing good reviews about this dessert place and decided we wanted to try it.

All of their choices looked so good it took us a long time to decide. I got the a 3 scoop sundae in a waffle taco shell, topped with Butterfinger bits and Oreo crumbs.  They got a pint of Chocoholic and some soft baked cookies to make an ice cream sandwich. 

The flavors I got were Cookies & Cream, Banana and Walnut Fudge, Blueberry Cheesecake.

Yeah, I’m probably addicted to cheesecake flavors. It’s all because my mom always used to buy that Cheesecake Factory New York Cheesecake at Costco. Now I’m programmed to like it no matter what. Surprisingly, I’m not sick of it yet. 

I guess as long as it’s sweet, I’ll eat it.