Don't quit your day dream


I bet you’re wondering what a ‘Librasaur‘ is.

Libra coming from my zodiac sign and -saur from my fascination of dinosaurs. I guess if you combine it, it means old soul Libra, cheesy and poetic, yuck right? Lol.

Anyway, yep! That’s me right there! Trishia, your average flower girl!

I made this blog to share my interests (i.e. food, my cat, etc.), my adventures, and my thoughts on certain topics, and really just random musings and pictures that I don’t have anywhere else to put in. So yeah, its my dump blog basically.

Not to say that this blog won’t be special because it is. This blog will represent my worldview and feelings. It is special because it will serve as my day-to-day life album. So when I grow old, I can look back and see just how wonderful and colorful my life was and that I lived my life to the fullest.